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Friday 22 February


Below are some of the papers which have been presented at our Seminars.

Inter-Club Agreement - Time to Amend? - by Clive Aston

Guarantees - Not Guaranteed to Work? - by Timothy Young QC

LMAA TERMS 2017– Addressing the Needs for Effective Maritime Arbitration - by Clive Aston, Ian Gaunt and David Martin-Clark

'Being Noticed' Part 1 - by Lewis Moore

'Being Noticed' Part 2 - by Lewis Moore

'Costs...and what can we do about them' - by David Martin-Clark

Appeals and Challenges to Arbitral Awards under the English Arbitration Act 1996 - by Simon Milnes


Getting Off to a Good Start - by Clive Aston

NEW FLAMENCO - Mark Hamsher - LMAA Spring Seminar 2016

MTM HONG KONG - Mark Hamsher - LMAA Spring Seminar 2016

Glory Wealth - Clare Ambrose - LMAA Spring Seminar 2016

LMAA/CIArb Joint Seminar: Illegality Overview by David Lewis QC

LMAA/CIArb Joint Seminar: Illegality in the Shipping Industry by Ian Gaunt

LMAA/CIArb Joint Seminar: Illegality and Fraud by Edward Album

Legal Aspects of Oil Major Approvals in Tanker C_Ps by D McInnes, Ince & Co.

Owners' Damages for Repudiation by Charterers by A Baker Q.C. 20 Essex Street

Damages - When the Markets Tumbled by Clive Aston, LMAA Arbitrator

Damages - an Alternative View by Bruce Buchan

A look at the London Arbitration Scene by Clive Aston